Which Spring trends will you embrace this year?

Which Spring trends will you embrace this year?

I know, I know, there’s a giant snow storm outside. But I don’t care, I am SOOOOO ready for Spring.

I took a look at my post on Spring trends from last year, and I definitely wore and loved all the trends I chatted about. Let’s see if the same is true for this year!

Here are the 2016 trends I’m excited about and my top picks for each.


1- Off the Shoulder Tops
This is my favourite trend by far. Nothing wrong with showing off a little collarbone (don’t forget to highlight it so it pops even more!) and with everyone cutting their hair into lobs (long bobs), this trend is perfect for shoulder grazing hair. I have a lot of favourites (I mentioned two here) and here is another one I love, and this one too!

2- Bold Stripes
I’m a stripes girl, through and through. Half my closet is stripes, so I’m excited that designers are all over this pattern. I love the nautical feel of it all, and it works well with all the monochromatic colours in my wardrobe. I like this sweater, this dress (you can buy it in Ottawa here) and also this top.

3- White Sneakers
I think I’m a little behind on this trend, and now that I’ve noticed it, it’s everywhere. Every model is rocking these shoes as their off-duty look, and I’m so happy that comfortable footwear is trendy, won’t complain about that! I love this pair, this one, and also this one.

4-Raw Hem Jeans
I love seeing how designers change up jean designs each year to keep them fresh and interesting. The raw hem is perfect to wear with espadrilles, sandals, and pretty much any summer shoe. It’s effortless, and has a fun beachy feel. I bought this pair already, and love this one, as well as this one.

5-Romantic Floral
I think my closet this year will be filled with stripes and florals, that’s it! Not only do these two patterns work well together, floral dresses are so romantic and perfect for summer dates nights. I am already dreaming of my warm-weather trips coming up, so I can wear pieces like this, this and this.

I’m calling it, Spring 2016 is gonna be the BEST!

Happy shopping.

Miss K

Holiday Outfit Ideas + Giveaway Winner!

Holiday Outfit Ideas + Giveaway Winner!

I’m sure many of you have Christmas parties, family dinners and other festive events coming soon, so here are some great pieces to complete your holiday look!

I picked up this cropped lace top at Forever 21 (comes in black too), and if you pair it with a high-waisted skirt, you won’t be showing too much skin!


I also have this great turtleneck dress, which is super cozy and perfect for more casual gatherings.


I grabbed this skirt at Nordstrom last week, and it’s the perfect length on my 5ft6 frame, and super versatile (and I’ll be wearing it year-round!



I wanted flats to wear when entertaining at home, and picked up this patent pair for 50% off. I love the gold detail on the toe!


In terms of jewelry, if you’re off to somewhere fancy, this headband would be so amazing. I would wear it on the back of my head, with loose curls.


I also LOVE LOVE LOVE these earrings from Canadian designer Jenny Bird. They can be worn 4 ways and are just the right amount of fancy. You can pick up a pair at viens avec moi in Ottawa.


I hope this gives you some ideas on what to wear this holiday season!

And BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO….Jillian A., who won my beauty giveaway!!! I’ll drop off your prize in the next two weeks, congrats lovely!

Happy shopping!

Miss K


Need help with your Christmas Wish List?

Need help with your Christmas Wish List?

Are family members and friends asking for gift ideas? This happens to me every year (turns out I’m pretty hard to shop for!)

Not to worry, I have lots of fun ideas in all sorts of different price ranges!

Let’s get started!

What to ask for if the budget is $25





What to ask for if the budget is $50

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What to ask for if the budget is $100





What to ask for if the budget is $200



What to ask for if the budget is $3oo+




Happy shopping!

Miss K

Fall Shopping Wish List

Fall Shopping Wish List

After a few weeks to colder weather under my belt, I’m starting to realize what’s missing in my wardrobe. These are a few things I’m looking to purchase in the near future:

1- Ankle Boots
There used to be a time when I was always in heels. But then I turned 30 (a few years ago…) and I am all over flat or low-heeled footwear. But I still want to look fashionable, so I think these will be a great addition!


2- Fur-trimmed wool coat
I just took my winter coats out of storage, and my wool coat has seen better days. It’s time to add a new one to the collection.

00180705-02   B3901_RD6483_m  6873107712_2_1_1

3- Midi-length skirt
I have some winter appropriate cropped sweaters that I want to wear over the holidays, so I’m looking for the perfect black skirt to match them with. I don’t want anything too form-fitting, but nothing too flared either. This is proving to be my hardest item to find so far. But I’ve got some good leads!

DSC_1185 _11237589 2969274800_6_1_1

4- Driveway-shoveling boots
I don’t believe this is an actual term for footwear, but I just want a great pair of do-anything, but still keep my feet warm and look cute boots. Something to shovel snow and head to the cottage.

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5- Oxfords or Loafers
you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing a girl in this type of shoe. With good reason, they are super stylish, a nod to a different era, and the perfect holiday party shoe.

_10687200  _11120803  _11147127

What’s on your fall shopping list? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Shopping!

Miss K