My current obsession

My current obsession

How do you wash your face? I am a loyal user of Purity Facial Cleanser (it’s honestly the best out there) and I when I’m lazy I use face wipes (my favourite are from Costco!), but for the past few months, I’ve completely changed the way I wash my face.

Have you heard of Micellar Water? I hadn’t either. But it’s a game-changer. You put some on a cotton pad and it removes all makeup, oils, and dirt from your face, and there’s no rinsing after. So quick and easy and my skin feels uber clean after I use it! In the morning, I do another quick swipe and then start my makeup routine.

The Garner Skin Active Micellar Water is my favourite so far, but I also like the Bioderma because you can buy a small bottle for travelling. I don’t think you need to spend a lot to get good micellar water either, I think the Garnier one is under $15 and lasts for a good while.



Give it a try, I think you’ll love it!

Miss K


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