I’m back with my favourite things!

I’m back with my favourite things!

I know, I know, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged! I blame it on a 10-day vacation in the sun, where I decided to be very lazy and not do much of anything.

But I’m back, and I am giving you 5 days in a row of blog posts! They will be short and sweet, but each day, I will share with you a favourite item that I’ve either purchased recently or have loved forever.

Today’s item is my favourite lipstick. It’s actually a liquid lipstick and the reason  I love it so much is it ACTUALLY lasts all day. I know, hard to believe, but this will not budge when you eat, drink, talk, etc. I suggest priming your entire lip with a nude lip liner, the colour seems to go on better and last longer when you do that.


Do yourselves a favour a pick up the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick. You can get it at Shoppers Drug Mart or Rexall for about $10. My favourite 3 colours are SOFT SPOKEN, TEA & COOKIES and SANDSTORM.

Disclaimer: this has a bit of a matte finish, and you might find it a tad drying (not as much as other matte lipsticks), but I just put a bit of gloss on top and it’s perfect.

See you tomorrow with my favourite sweater for spring/summer!

Miss K


2 thoughts on “I’m back with my favourite things!

    1. Hi Tara! My favorite lip liner is Marc Jacobs in the colour primrose, it’s about $30, but I also like the ones from NYX, and they are very affordable! K


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