My new favourite beauty product (well, kinda)

My new favourite beauty product (well, kinda)

It’s not actually a beauty product, per se. It’s more of a beauty “tool”. It’s the Z Palette from Sephora. It’s a case that you can use to merge all your bronzers, blushes and eyeshadows in one convenient spot.


It’s magnetized, as are most of your beauty products. So you just pop them out of their containers and add them to your palette. (it comes with a handy tool to pop them out and stickers if your products are not magnetic). I travel a lot so it’s super convenient to have them all together, and in the morning, I love just having to grab my palette and not fumble with 5-6 different cases.

Word of caution, if the shadows and powders don’t come out of their containers easily, DON’T FORCE it. They give you some great tips on how to get stubborn ones loose, including heating the underneath of the case to loosen the glue, which works really well.

I tried too hard with my bronzer and broke in a million pieces. Thankfully, you can use this handy hack to put it back together (it worked like a charm!)

The palettes come in 3 sizes (I got the baby size, for only $12, and it holds my bronzer, blush, highlighter, and 2 eyeshadows)

So there you have it, another great beauty recommendation from yours truly!

And just a reminder to enter my super fun contest to win a bunch of great beauty products! Details here.

Miss K


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