My Favorite Beauty Hacks + Giveaway!

My Favorite Beauty Hacks + Giveaway!

Over the past year, I’ve become a bit obsessed with makeup. Not that I wasn’t into it before, but now I could literally (and often do) spend an hour in Sephora, just browsing all the products, and discovering new brands. This has also led me to creating a beauty routine that works for me and also finding shortcuts and hacks to save me money and time.

Here are my 10 favorite beauty tips and tricks (giveaway details at the end of the post)!

powder-foundation1  mascaras  3605970936099_espp_original_alt2

1- Instead of the traditional spool, you can use a small toothbrush to shape your eyebrows. I love the idea of spray-painting it gold to make it look less toothbrush and more like a beauty brush! You can also use hairspray on a toothbrush to tame hair flyaways, it works great!

2- If you have an area of your face that is more prone to become oily throughout the day, use your eye primer to prevent shine, it’s more powerful than your face primer. This is the best one on the market.

3- If I’m going for more of a glam look and don’t want to apply false lashes, I always put on 3-4 coats of mascara, and use 2-3 different types (lengthening, volumizing, defining) to get the longest, most dramatic lashes.

4- Since cutting my hair, my top knots are so tiny, so I often add some hair extensions to give it more volume. You can also do this to get a nice thick braid.

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5- After I apply my liquid foundation, I always apply a translucent powder before doing my bronzer and blush. Powders apply much better to other powders, vs a dewy face. I love this one, and this lower-priced option too.

6- I always apply concealer after my foundation (I had been doing it backwards for years!) and use a shade 2-3 lighter under my eyes to brighten that area, and a shade closer to my skin tone to hide blemishes. Also, I ALWAYS set my concealer with powder to avoid getting a cakey look. The powder will fill in the fine lines and look much better.

7- I use a nude/pinky eyeliner on my bottom water line to brighten my eyes. I find a white liner looks really fake, but a nude colour is really natural and makes a huge difference.

8- I apply a very light, shimmery eyeshadow in the inside corners of my eyes to brighten them up. It’s one of my favourite ways to look more “awake”! This is my favorite eyeshadow to use (colour: silk sheets).

9- I get my nails done every 4-6 weeks, but as my gel polish is growing out, I use glitter nail polish at the base of my nails to hide the regrowth.

10 – You can add sugar to your everyday cleanser to create a gentle exfoliator without having spend the money on another beauty product!

BONUS: as a thank you for being amazing and loyal readers, I’ll be giving away a beauty kit filled with products that I use for my everyday hacks (and other goodies too)!  All you have to do is share this post with your Facebook friends, or leave me a comment below with your favourite beauty hack (you get two entries if you do both!). I’ll be drawing the winner next week!

Miss K


13 thoughts on “My Favorite Beauty Hacks + Giveaway!

  1. More of a hair hack but I love your tip from a few months back about rinsing your hair in cold water at the end. It has been life changing for my curly/frizzy hair!


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