Friday Favourites!

Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday! Are you as bummed as me that cold, rainy weather has finally arrived? I’m sure the snow is just around the corner…

Here are some fun things to cheer us up!

1- A great event happening tomorrow is a fashion show by Alfred & Co., Ottawa’s best designer consignment store. So grab your friends, head over to Santé Restaurant (across from the Rideau Centre) at noon and check out some great outfits that will also be for sale. Details here.

2- I’m preparing a blog post about my favourite beauty hacks that I use all the time, and there will be a fun contest associated to it, so stay tuned for that!

3- I just bought this sweater, it’s the BEST oversized comfy turtleneck I’ve found this season. And don’t bother looking for an XS, it seems they are sold out everywhere. I got a  small and it’s big but in a good way 😉

4- I will be testing this hack that apparently keeps your pantyhose from running. I’ll let you know if it works!

Happy weekend!

Miss K



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