My Fall Wish List!

My Fall Wish List!

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’m going to try and keep my seasonal closet to less than 40 pieces, and I’m starting to think about some essential pieces to add to what I already own. This is what I’m looking for:

1- Black Skinny Jeans
I really want a pair with holes only in the knees and they need to be VERY black. These are some of the ones I’m considering (click on the pictures for more details!):

342ae61b804f28b8ec9b43b24a31b322_best           cbcc23beadc7c04f3cfda866848b2161_best     c21b6ff47cdb569869f16da679557c37_best

2- Black Flats
I’m trying to distance myself from the typical ballet flat and am looking for a more interesting flat shoe. Something that would look good with and without black tights. Some options:

9f1eef50d7e3881c9219345cd6e3c061_best 90b42934c5404fc7abee9f85eab94c51_bestLOCADI_98_RG_324

3- Long-sleeve Maxi Dress
I’ve been on the hunt for this for years, still looking for the perfect colder-weather maxi dress. I don’t want it to be fussy, I’d love a slit and I want it to look effortless. I like these:

b1fe307a0ab6594b66bd3ad6543aea1b_best         4130402761292_069_b     c898480f1b5c3729f7f5a9e0bbd76f91_best

4. A lightweight cardigan
I want a long, thin, and super casual cardigan to wear over my boyfriend denim shorts and white distressed jeans (because, yes, I wear white after labour day!) I’m going to try these on:

4d91f5395ea8c91197541eec52ab5ce3_best  6249ed4e691f7de4efc565433625f4b0_best  c4a3b4c1dbee67c94df23aece04181b9_best

5. The perfect black flat boot
Another yearly struggle to find the right pair. I have slim legs and calves and I don’t want them to look to bulky or too perfectly black (if that makes any sense). I’m leaning towards these pairs:

d8f6a5c97946146ea5378ba2d81142a8_best  2291856c9a9f6b56a4629aa6ca74fd08_best  c169ece87494228a9058e94387caf144_best

I’d love to hear what you’re looking to add to your fall wardrobe! Leave a comment below and happy shopping!

Miss K


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