Friday Favourites!

Friday Favourites!

Sometimes, a sale come around that is SO GOOD, you say “forget it” to all your other favourite things this week and just focus on that. This is that sale. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s not the leftover summer stuff on sale. It’s the NEW, AMAZING fall merchandise that is on sale for 2 weeks at 40% off and then goes back to regular price. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it!

Here are my 10 absolute favourite items from the sale (click on the picture to shop!)

6adc2831238ae91895d4718cedb33d4f_best  52b2a9e77a5dbe866e945fc8acd7fce2_best  c25527e5ec5292d770f2e9fa609cbbb9_best  e2c8dcf40226107a287f479464e6faae_best  c3cabbe6611882574a071dd96c423cd4_best

84a6dc590dc2bb076cc09555a25e0b58_best  46ec8b23283dd09a5289570135f6322f_best  f9af5ba0190bb6307a63029b3533cc9d_best  475a7f7d86159e2b333685811b43c75e_best  f4548fcb2ee24eaba0ab8c613c9e83a1_best

Happy shopping!

Miss K


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