Friday Favourites!

Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday!

I am writing from sunny and extremely warm Washington DC (32C every day, crazy!). If anyone is planning a trip there soon, let me know, I have some great restaurant recommendations and shopping tips! This is definitely one of my favourite US cities!

Here is what I am loving this week.

1. Another great store is coming to Ottawa (my level of excitement is at an all-time high!) Skip to the bottom of this article to find out who!

2. These tees and tanks are selling out super fast, but if you are lucky to find some, they are the perfect summer tops! (tip: they run VERY big)

3. Still looking for a Mother’s Day Gift? Instead of getting her flowers, get her this (it’s basically a rose in a jar!)

4. This “beauty schedule for busy young wives” from 1952 is so fascinating!

5. How to get a “beach body” 😉

Happy weekend!

Miss K


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