Are you Making Money When you Shop Online?

Are you Making Money When you Shop Online?

If you’re like me, you do a LOT of your shopping online. It’s fast, easy, and I love getting home to a package on my front steps, it’s almost more exciting than going to the store!

Last Christmas, my life changed a little bit when I realized I can MAKE MONEY when I shop online. And It’s so easy there’s really no reason not to do it.

If you’re not familiar with EBATES, let me fill you in on this incredible concept.

1. When you’re looking for something online, start by visiting EBATES to see if the online store is part of their retailer list (there are so many, including Old Navy, The Bay, Aldo, Chapters, Sephora, Club Monaco, Forever21, J.Crew and the list goes on!)

2. If it is, just click on the link, and EBATES sends to to that store’s website, and you place your order like you normally do. That’s what I love about it, you wouldn’t even know that you are shopping through EBATES because you are using the retailer’s actually website and payment page.

3. EBATES gets a commission from that retailer for “referring” you and they share that commission with you! You usually get between 2-5% cashback from your purchase, but I’ve gotten as high as 16% from some companies!

4. Every 3 months, EBATES sends you a cheque, simple as that! The first time I cashed a cheque, I spent 10 minutes telling my bank teller about this concept and she was so excited to try it!

So there you have it, the easiest way to make money while you shop! Click on the link below to find out more and get started!

Happy Shopping!

Miss K


3 thoughts on “Are you Making Money When you Shop Online?

    1. You would return to the store as you normally do (or send back in the mail) and Ebates would remove your cash back (not sure how they know, probably when the store scans your order in). But it doesn’t change the way you shop/return/exchange!


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