Tips for getting your closet ready for Spring/Summer!

Tips for getting your closet ready for Spring/Summer!

I spent the last two days hauling way too many containers full of clothes from the basement and switched my closet over from fall/winter to spring/summer. Having done this so many times, I have some great tips for you on how to organize your closet and get yourself ready for the next season!

5671513242505m1. DOUBLE YOUR SPACE!
When we moved almost two years ago, I went from a small closet to a nice spacious walk-in, but I still run out of space. So the first thing I did was switch to felt hangers. This allowed me to DOUBLE my hanging space, and the felt stops the clothes from slipping off the hangers. If you are going through the process of taking your winter clothes out of your closet, this would be a great time to make the switch. I just moved all my wooden hangers to the front closet, the guest closet, the office, etc. so they wouldn’t go to waste. These are the hangers I purchased and they also sell great accessories, like clips for skirts and a hanger for scarves, and one for belts!

This is the hardest thing to do, but you need to be ruthless when cleaning out your closet. If you haven’t worn something in the past 6 months, I doubt you’ll want to wear it next season. I heard a great tip for figuring out what you don’t need anymore: At the beginning of a season, arrange your hangers so that the hooks all face out. When you wear something, put it back with the hanger hook facing in. At the end of the season, you’ll see how many things you truly don’t wear.

Once you do that, you need to decide what to do with that item. Stained, torn or worn out items go right in the trash. The majority of stuff you’ll probably donate (which is what I do at Value Village, they have a great drive-thru donation site at their stores, you don’t even have to leave your car!)


And finally, there will be some pieces that are still in great shape that you should consider dropping off to your local consignment store. I would recommend you sell any higher-end designer pieces through Alfred & Co., a great local online consignment store! I gave them 5 pieces to sell and they were gone within a couple of weeks!

You might have a large enough closet that you don’t need to remove your winter clothes to make room for your summer wardrobe, but I encourage you to take out the big sweaters, knit dresses, and any other pieces that you really can’t wear for a while, and store it away. If anything, I will just give you more room to browse through all your clothes in the morning, and will create space for new purchases! What I like the most about putting my winter wardrobe away is when I unpack it in the fall, I’m actually excited to see some pieces I had forgotten about, so it almost helps me fall in love with my clothes again!

This is the fun part! Once you have all your spring/summer clothes in your closet, take a look and see what you’re missing for the season. Take a look at this article I wrote about essentials items for this year, and figure out what you should be focusing on buying in the next month or so to complete your warm weather wardrobe!

When I unpacked all my colourful summer clutches, I put them in a cubby and they looked so sad in a big pile. So I found the perfect solution to store them, and it came from my kitchen cupboard! This lid organizer from IKEA is perfect for storing purses, and it costs less than $10!   



Happy Organizing!

Miss K


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