7 Must-Have Spring/Summer Essentials!

7 Must-Have Spring/Summer Essentials!

Happy Monday! It seems strange writing about my must-have spring essentials when it’s still cold outside, but I feel as though this is the only way I will get through these last couple of days of cold weather! These are 7 items that I plan on incorporating into my warm-weather wardrobe. Each piece is very versatile, and works for all my different needs (office, weekends, night out, etc.). Take a look at my picks for spring/summer, with high and low priced options for each one! (Click on the image to see details and pricing about each item!)

1. Floral Pumps
1A@2x-3 8850c09700d2e047cf94a647fa16cdda_best ca3cd9e3fdd8ca68084a5584921e0474_best eeec2c9b12a8ed96b92224e98d02b803_best

2. Eyelet Dresses

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3. Espadrilles


4. Pastel Crossbody Bags

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5. Overlay Dresses (dresses that give the illusion of wearing matching skirt and top)

_10200535 10F04HTOM_2_large 570135337_1235_large 8e91baecca05d8226b3f39b032eb043d_best

6. Cropped Distressed Denim

2433_9174_934_f  2433_9278_469_f s15_10_006_56351_1512_off_f 3A@2x-8

7. One-Piece Swimsuits

03T02HMUL_2_large _9996661 c336193895374ee730938f93e7181923_best cn9357401

Happy Shopping!

Miss K


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