Neighbourhood Watch: My 5 favourite spots in Almonte!

Neighbourhood Watch: My 5 favourite spots in Almonte!

When my brother and his wife moved to Almonte, I didn’t realize that I would discover one of my favourite shopping areas! Only 30-ish minutes from Ottawa, this charming little town is full of gems and I am here to tell you about my 5 favourite spots!

1. Tin Barn Market

10352339_10153206476153357_5630745016123888153_nI don’t even know where to start with this store, it’s that good. If you’re a lover of farmhouse, industrial or shabby-chic design, then you will love this store as much as I do! There is so much to find, including furniture, unique decor, jewelry, dishware, frames, and the list goes on and on!

Make sure you check out their Facebook page, because they are always posting about their new arrivals and have some really fun online auctions too!

2. Baker Bob’s

4597640200_5715222375 Conveniently connected to the Tin Barn Market, this amazing little bakery and specialty food store has the BEST pastries (try their almond croissant!), and so many unique products that you can’t always find in the city. There’s just so much to see in this small space that I always make sure to stop when I’m in the neighbourhood.

3. Doree’s Habit

I1901333_787611047976666_5429773661605153020_n was so excited to find this shop on my last visit. This clothing store is AH-MA-ZING. I bought the most comfortable fleece-lined leggings (the only reason I survived this winter), there are so many beautiful dresses and accessories, and they are expanding, so it’s just getting better and better!

4.  Hello Yellow

10947333_215854138585182_4139749291924618799_nI think I spent an hour in this store on my last visit, there’s just so much to see! They have the best paper goods, the kids section is too cute and then there’s jewelry, clothes, home decor, wallpaper, it’s just so incredible! Just go, and you’ll understand!

5. Heirloom

10711117_723070334434239_5800202407516079265_nAfter all that amazing shopping, you’re gonna need to eat. I love the ambiance at Heirloom, an upscale dining restaurant in this quaint little town. They serve lunch, dinner and a delicious brunch and everything I’ve tried, I’ve loved!

Aren’t you excited to take a little road trip to Almonte now? And although these are my personal favourites, there are so many other place to discover, including multiple antique stores and what is probably the best patio EVER at The Barley Mow. You can check out the full list of offerings here.

Happy shopping!

Miss K


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