Latest Find: The holy grail of beauty products

Latest Find: The holy grail of beauty products

Happy Monday! Let’s start this week off with a bang, shall we 😉

A couple weeks back, a good friend of mine told me about a beauty product she’s been using, and the wonderful things it’s done to her skin. I had heard about this product but once I started reading more about its benefits, I was amazed at the many ways you can use it (which makes the higher price totally justifiable!)

Ladies (and gents!), do yourselves a favour and introduce Argan Oil into your skincare routine! This magical little potion does it all: lightweight moisturizer, fine line reducer, cuticle softener, split-end treater, flyaway minimizer, and even overnight hair treatment!

s1121797-main-hero-300I’ve been mainly using it as a night moisturizer, and I also apply a few drops to my skin before I start my makeup routine, giving me a subtle dewy look. It’s also really helped to cure some dry patches on my skin caused by this terribly cold weather.

You can read about all its benefits and uses here and here. And once you’re convinced, give it a try and let me know if it’s a life-changer for you too! I started by purchasing the mini bottle for $20, but I won’t hesitate to buy the jumbo bottle next time around!

And don’t be shy to share your go-to beauty product with me in the comments below!

Miss K


2 thoughts on “Latest Find: The holy grail of beauty products

  1. Karinne, I am really enjoying your blog. I want to be you when I grow up. Thanks for all the effort you apply to your postings. Love them! I am leaving a comment about the argan oil…if it is true that it is 100% argan oil and nothing else, then you will be better off financially buying the PC Black Label Argan Oil from the oil aisle of your Loblaws or Independent store: I bought it for the exact same purpose; can’t remember mow much it was but I am positive it was way cheaper than $20 for a mini bottle. For that matter, you can try any number of oils on your skin: avocado, coconut, etc. I have started to cleanse my face with a combination of olive and castor (50-50 ratio). Read how to do it here: Don’t even get my started on my home made mouthwash. Keep up the good work, Karinne.


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