What I Wore Wednesdays

What I Wore Wednesdays

This is my go-to travel outfit (which is appropriate since I am writing this post from the airport!) None of the materials wrinkle, which is great for long periods of sitting, and it’s all about layers when you’re going from one climate to another.IMG_0681

Scallop Tee: Top Shop

Cardigan: Purchased at one of my favorite local shops, Milk. Can’t promise it’s still there, but I like this one and this one too!

High-Waisted Leggings: American Apparel (these are a staple in my closet, I definitely suggest them if you’re looking for a great fitting pair of leggings)

Flats: Target (I also love H&M’s flats)

Scarf: Gift from a friend’s recent trip to Paris (scarves are a must-have on the plane, and they will double as a blanket or a pillow!)


Happy Shopping!

Miss K


2 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesdays

  1. Miss Baker:

    The scallop tee comes in UK sizes. Can you shed some light on UK sizes versus canadian sizes? My understanding is that UK sizes are made a little bigger. I don’t have much experience in ordering clothes internationally (that’s about to change with your blog!).


    1. Hi Steph (and the other couple of people who asked me the same question!) At TopShop, I wear a size 10UK (which is a size 6 US). I don’t think the clothes is necessarily made bigger, but the sizing is done differently. For this specific top, I could have gone down to a size 4US because it’s boxy but it was a bit tight in the bust. So if you are a bit smaller chested, and usually wear an X-Small in tees, the 4 would fit well.

      The Bay’s website’s carries this top, it would ship quickly to Canada and you can return it to the store if it doesn’t fit right!


      (NOTE: the sizes listed are US sizes!)


      Hope that helps!



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