Great jewelry storage ideas!

Great jewelry storage ideas!

Happy Monday everyone! I know today is probably not so fun for those of you going back to work, but let me brighten up your morning with some great ideas on how to store all your jewelry (because if you’re anything like me, it can easily all end up bundled up in one corner of your dresser!)

1. Earrings
This is by far my favourite storage piece. It allows me to keep all my pairs of earrings (and their backs) together, and right where I can see them. Oh, and it only costs $8! This particular stand holds 30 pairs, but if you need more space, I would recommend this stand, which accommodates 128 pairs, and will only set you back $20!

AcEaringOrgr10053550_x    FoldingEaringScreen_x

2. Bracelets
I’ve seen people use paper towel stands to store their bracelets, or even install towel bars in their closets, but I really like the look and convenience of this set of 3 stands. You could even use this to store necklaces, but as you can see, I have enough bracelets to fill each stand 🙂 I also really like the look of this holder.

22461440460888p   IMG_1032

3. Necklaces
I had enough room in my closet to install a frame with hooks for the necklaces I wear the most often (I found mine at HomeSense, and added a couple of extra hooks), but I also really like this option and this one to make sure your necklaces don’t get all tangled up. Look closely and you’ll see that I received this beautiful necklace for Christmas!

IMG_1035    IMG_103621161765_010_b    31406812_027_b

Bonus idea: Fragrances
I keep my perfumes in the same area as my jewelry so I thought i’d include some great ways to display these beautiful little bottles. I have mine on a small round antique mirror, but I love the idea of putting them in these glass display cases, or even on this beautiful cut lace vanity tray.

IMG_1031    33022815_027_b    22643134a_001_b

Happy shopping!

Miss K


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