What I Wore Wednesdays

What I Wore Wednesdays

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

This week, I thought I’d show you my go-to daytime look. Since I work from home, I can get away from working in pyjamas if I wanted to, but I love fashion too much not to dress up a bit every day. I also try and leave the house every day to get some fresh air (and do groceries!) and this is the type of outfit I usually wear.


09H01GNUD_5_large  IMG_0290

Starting from the bottom up, I’ve told you before how much I like these booties. This is the second year that Forever 21 carried them, so if they come back next year, I suggest you scoop up a pair!

These high-rise jeans are from American Eagle. I will blog another time about how much I love their jeans, but for now I’ll just say that I used to gladly spend over $200 for a pair of designer jeans, but since trying on these jeans, I haven’t looked back and happily shell out only $50-60 each time I need a new pair.

The “cropped” (and I say cropped carefully, because it doesn’t actually show any skin) tee is from Top Shop, I bought it in 2 colours and I am kicking myself for not buying more. I am obsessed with the scallop detail, the soft material and the boxy, flattering cut.

In terms of accessories, these are my everyday go-to pieces. I wear these more than anything else in my collection. The heart earrings are from the Banana Republic outlet that just opened at the Trainyards (under $20!), the arrow necklace was a gift from a very good friend and the Tory Burch leather bracelet was also a gift from friends (no longer available, but I also have this one which I love). These are all very versatile pieces that I feel go with so many of my outfits.

My Tory Burch purse is one of my absolute favourite recent purchases  (this is the new model, I got mine a couple years ago). I love the deep blue shade, and it has so many compartments for all the stuff I feel the need to carry around! As much as I love a good bargain, I won’t shy away from investing in a beautiful handbag from time to time.

Hope you like this week’s outfit!

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Miss K


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