What I Wore Wednesdays

What I Wore Wednesdays

Merry Christmas Eve!

Before we get into this week’s outfit, I wanted to let you know that you can now subscribe to my blog (without creating a WordPress account!). Just click on the pink follow button at the bottom of this page!

For this week’s “What I Wore”, I chose an outfit that I wore to a party at a friend’s house last week, and will probably wear again for Christmas dinner at my in-laws. It’s comfortable, effortless and just the right amount of dressy.


I’ll start with this Old Navy skirt, which is a staple in my closet (I have it in navy blue as well). It’s a universally flattering cut, it doesn’t wrinkle, it has a nice high waist and it’s machine washable! Done and done! And I just noticed that it’s available in all sorts of new colours, so I will definitely be stocking up.

The cropped sweater is no longer available online, but you might still be able to find it in Forever 21 stores. I absolutely adore the sheer detail on the neckline, and found this top and this lace tank that have the same great detail. Also, If you have a small waist, I find it more flattering to choose a cropped, or shorter length top, rather than tucking a top into your skirt, which creates bulk around the waistline.


The black tights are my go-to pair from Urban Outfitters. I talked about how great they are here.

The shoes are black loafers from Old Navy (last year’s model). This year’s loafers are still available at a great price!

Finally, not pictured are the earrings I wore, these elegant bow studs from Kate Spade. Mine are multi-coloured glitter, but I bought them at the Kate Spade outlet so I doubt they are still available.


Wishing you a fabulous holiday season with your loved ones!

Miss K


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