Love your hair again for under $10!

Love your hair again for under $10!

Winters in Canada can bring dull, unruly hair (actually, that’s also true for the humid summers here…) so I am always on the lookout for great products to keep my hairstyle in check. I just jumped on the “lob” bandwagon (long bob!) and I find that shorter hair requires more care and styling in order to look good (as oppose to just throwing long hair in a ponytail or bun).

I just started using a new hairspray and it is by far my favourite styling product right now. Dove STYLE+CARE Flexible Hold Hairspray not only gives you a nice strong (but still soft!) hold, but it also leaves such a beautiful shine to my hair, which is a huge bonus.

You’ll love me even more when I tell you that this hairspray is under $8!

Quick Tip: when I spray my hair, I use the actual can to smooth over the hairspray, it works better than a comb to catch all those flyaways!


Happy primping!

Miss K


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