What I Wore Wednesdays

What I Wore Wednesdays

I thought it would be fun to show you one of my outfits each week, so you get a better idea of how I mix high and low priced items. I will also give you lower-price alternatives to the high-end items and other suggestions for sold-out items.

What I Wore

I am starting this series with an outfit that I wore to my family’s holiday party last weekend.  The dress ($35.90) is new from Forever 21 (looks a bit shapeless in the picture, so I included a picture of it on a model), and I really like how it gives the illusion that it’s two pieces. It’s fully lined and fits beautifully. I do a lot of my low-end shopping at Forever 21, but I am partial to the Love21 section, it’s a bit more sophisticated and I find the quality better too.

The shoes are Giuseppe Zanetti (similar here) and I found them at a Saks Fifth Avenue outlet in Florida for a third the price! Great lower-priced options can be found here and here.

The bracelet is from J.Crew and was featured in one of my posts last week. It seems that this pink shell version is not longer available online, but the necklace is!

Another item I already featured on my blog last week are the Assets Pantyhose from Target, they are on sale for $7.50 at Target right now, so stock up!

Finally, the earrings were a gift from my girlfriends for my wedding, they are from Tiffany and they are a treasured piece that I wear for special occasions. If you like the look of these earrings, consider this pair, or even this one, both at great prices.




Happy shopping!

Miss K


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