To Gel or not to Gel….

To Gel or not to Gel….

I am a sucker for manicures. Gel manicures to be exact. What an invention! I had the worst luck with nail polish, I would just look at my nails and they would chip. So now that I can get a manicures that lasts AT LEAST 3 weeks without a chip, I will gladly spend $45 on them. My go-to spot in Westboro is The Ten Spot, I book Vanessa for my nails, waxing and facials, she is the best!

But obviously spending that kind of money each month is not exactly financially responsible, so I found a great alternative.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish


I will not make any promise that this won’t chip for 2 weeks, BUT it is a million times better than regular polish, I get a good 4-6 days of perfect nails before I have to redo one or two nails. Each colour is about $12  (and sometimes goes on sale!) and you can buy it almost everywhere (Target, Shoppers Drug Mart, Superstore, etc). It has a really nice shiny finish too, so you get the look of a professional manicure for a great price! Don’t forget to buy the top coat when you purchase your first colour!

Happy shopping!

Miss K


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