Must have tights and pantyhose for every girl!

Must have tights and pantyhose for every girl!

Listen, we all know the only thing worst than finding a good fitting pair of jeans is finding the right pair of tights or pantyhose. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has purchased way too many pairs only to get home, try them on and either they don’t make it past my knees, or they go up to my neck. Sometimes they rip when you look at them, other times the word “opaque” doesn’t apply if you are not a size 0. So I am always on the hunt for a great pair of fully OPAQUE black tights (a staple for Canadian winters), a super sheer pair of nude pantyhose with nice control (who am I kidding, I’m not a spring chicken anymore) and a statement pair for date night.

Lucky for you, I have spent too much money looking for the right pairs and I have saved you the legwork (haha, get it!).

1. Black Opaque Tights

So I’m a pretty average girl, 5 foot 6, pear-shaped (thanks mom!), and somewhat fit thanks to my current obsession to barre classes, yet I have the worst time trying to find a pair of tights that fit. I always buy according to the chart in the back, but apparently that was made for a completely different body type. So my problem with black tights is that from the knee down, perfectly opaque, but from the knee up, not so much. and honestly, that is the worst look, especially if you are wearing a shorter skirt. Also, I don’t need a waistband digging into my stomach and creating a very unsightly bulge, so I am always tugging at the elastic before buying, to make sure it has some give.

All that long winded jibber jabber to say that my all-time FAVORITE, go-to pair of black opaque tights are from Urban Outfitters. I buy the Medium-Large size, and they last me at least one full season, if not 2 without a single tear. Best of all, 2 pairs for $22! So run, don’t walk to your closest store and get them before they sell out (and they always do…sad face). If you are going to the Ottawa store, they are on the 2nd floor, back left 😉

Urban Outfitters Classic Opaque Tight

2. Sheer Pantyhose

Urgh…another endless battle of buying, trying on and trowing away….until know. I bought this pair on a whim, hoping for the best, and I was so happily surprised! These bad boys are the perfect shade of nude, have a shadow toe if you want to wear them with open-toed shoes, and the control top is beyond (again, not that I have a lot to “control” but no girl will say no to looking a couple pounds skinnier!)

I have always been a fan of Spank, but not so much of their price tag. So when I saw their little sister ASSETS at Target (one of my go-to stores for a great deal!) I was pleasantly surprised but still skeptical, but when I put those bad boys on, I was convinced I had found the ones!

Again, I size up from what the little chart says, but I honestly think that these are the best I have found so far! and if I’m wrong, you’re only out $11! The style number is 126B, so make sure you get the right pair!


3. Statement Pair 

This is a no-brainer. I have had this pair of pantyhose longer than I’ve known my husband (6 years next week!), they have never ripped, and they get me compliments every time I wear them. The price tag is definitely up there for pantyhose, but honestly, it’s worth it. Anything by this brand, Trasparenze, is stunning and the quality speaks for itself. I got mine at Fancy Sox, pretty much the go-to place in Ottawa for high-quality legwear.


so there you have it, my first shopping tip for you! I hope to share 2-3 tips with you per week! Talk soon!

Miss K


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