My 5 go-to gifts this holiday season (under $75!)

My 5 go-to gifts this holiday season (under $75!)

I thought this might be helpful for some of you! I’m always looking for unique gift ideas that won’t bankrupt me, and these are some of the items I’ll be giving out this year (I’ll try not to spoil the surprise for my sisters-in-law and friends who are getting gifts from me, so the list won’t be as complete as it should be!)

1. Urban Decay Naked On The Run $64

Urban Decay is my all-time favourite beauty brand. Hands Down, no competition. They have converted me from my go-to MAC eyeshadow to the Naked Palette (there are 3, the original is still my favorite, you can’t go wrong with these shades, trust me!)


And just when I thought I couldn’t love them anymore, they go and create the most convenient, travel-friendly palette, which is getting released in stores tomorrow (Thursday, December 4th!). I have already broken all my rules of not shopping for myself before Christmas and pre-ordered it online (don’t tell my husband!) so if you’re looking for something to add to your own wish list, or if you have a friend/sister/mother who likes to travel the world, or even someone who likes to have something in her purse for afternoon touch-ups, this is a no-brainer!


P.S Did you know that Sephora has the BEST EVER return policy? Buy it, try it once, try it 20 times, don’t like it, return it, no questions asked, no receipt needed. Now that is something to write home about!

2. Chapters mugs $10

The perfect mug. The perfect price. The perfect gift for a teacher/hairdresser/dog groomer/neighbour/friend you’ve know forever…

882709125068      882709092827      882709124009

3. Joe Fresh Pyjamas $40

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love getting new pyjamas. They always seem to fit well, and I get so much wear out of them, especially during the holidays when you eat too much and nothing else fits 😉 I tried this set on a couple of days ago and it’s made out of the softest material, and the cut is very flattering. The shorts are not too short, the top is loose and longer in the back, you could even wear it with a pair of jeans, it’s that nice! I almost bought all 4 colours, but then I stopped myself because of my “no shopping before Christmas” rule….so I only bought the mint colour….I think I have a shopping problem. Again, don’t tell my husband 😉

1A@2x 3A@2x3A@2x

4. Roots Legwarmers $16.50

Maybe it’s because I secretly wish I was a ballet dancer, but I adore leg warmers! I wear them with pyjama shorts (see above!), on top of leggings and skinny jeans, over black tights, pretty much anytime. It’s my go-to accessory at the cottage and it makes a great gift, especially since we are just getting into the cold weather season…again….I also love that no matter how much turkey and apple pie you eat, leg warmers will always fit!


5. Acorn Necklace $39

This is a pretty unique gift, so it’s not for everyone, but I absolutely love the idea of giving, and receiving, an interesting piece of jewelry. I saw this necklace on a friend of mine and I thought it was so quirky and knew I had to add it to my holiday wish list. This is sold at Victoire, a great little shop in my neighbourhood (Westboro), and I’m all for supporting local businesses, so I encourage you to go see them and check out all the great pieces they have! They have online shopping too, so that makes all our lives a little bit easier!


I hope this small holiday gift guide helps with your holiday shopping!

Talk soon!

Miss K


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